Aparthotel Cristina, Zakopane
Arrival 30 May 2023
Departure 31 May 2023
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Regulations of Aparthotel Cristina

Regulations of Aparthotel Cristina

The Aparthotel management will be grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which is to ensure a peaceful and safe stay.


Subject of the regulations

  1. The Regulations define the subject of the provision of services, responsibility and stay at the Aparthotel and is an integral part of the contract, which is concluded by signing a registration card as well as by performing the appropriate actions, in particular by making a reservation and / or paying a deposit or the entire amount due for staying at the Aparthotel.
  2. By performing the activities listed in the previous sentence, the Guest confirms that he has read and accepts the terms of the Regulations.
  3. Regulations apply to all persons staying at the Aparthotel Cristina.
  4. The owner of the rooms is hereinafter referred to as "Aparthotel", while the tenant of the room "Guest".


Aparthotel night

  1. The living room in the Aparthotel, hereinafter referred to as the "apartment", is rented for Aparthotel days.
  2. The Aparthotel day lasts from 16.00 on the day of arrival, ends at 11.00 the next day.
  3. The wish to extend the stay beyond the period indicated on the day of arrival, the Guest should report at the reception desk until 10.00 the day on which the room rental period expires.
  4. The Aparthotel will take into account the wish to extend the stay as far as possible.
  5. Extension of the stay may be extra paid.


Reservation and check-in

  1. The basis of the Guest's registration is to show an ID document at the reception and to sign the registration card.
  2. The Guest may not transfer the apartment to other people, even if the period for which he has paid the fee has not expired.
  3. Persons not registered in the Aparthotel may stay in the apartment from 7.00 to 22.00. After 22.00 there is an obligation to check in additional people staying with guests in the room.
  4. The Aparthotel may refuse to accept a Guest who during the previous stay grossly violated the Regulations, causing damage to the property of the Aparthotel or Guests, or damage to the Guests, Aparthotel employees or other persons staying in the Aparthotel, or otherwise disturbed the peaceful stay of the Guests or the functioning of the Aparthotel .
  5. The Aparthotel reserves the right to collect a pre-authorization of a check-in card at check-in for the entire stay.
  6. In the event of cancellation of the Guest's stay during the day, the Aparthotel will not refund the fee for the Aparthotel night.


Aparthotel responsibility

  1. The Aparthotel shall be liable for the loss or damage of items brought by persons using its services to the extent specified in the provisions of art. 846 - 852 of the Civil Code.
  2. The aggrieved party should notify the Aparthotel reception of any damage immediately after finding it.
  3. The Aparthotel shall not be liable for theft of money, theft, damage or destruction of securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value, if these items were not placed in the safe in the apartment.
  4. The Aparthotel shall not be liable for damage or loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guest.
  5. The Aparthotel is not responsible for items left in the vehicle and live animals regardless of whether the vehicle was parked in the Aparthotel car park or outside the Aparthotel grounds.
  6. The Aparthotel is obliged to ensure:
  • conditions for full and unrestricted rest of the Guest,
  • safety of stay, including the security of confidentiality of information about the Guest,
  • professional and courteous service in the field of all services provided at the Aparthotel,
  • cleaning the room and performing the necessary repairs of devices during the Guest's absence, and only in his presence if he wishes to do so,


Guests' responsibility

  1. Children under 13 should be in the Aparthotel under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians are financially responsible for any damage caused by children.
  2. Each time when leaving the apartment, the Guest should check if the door is closed.
  3. The guest bears full financial responsibility for any damage or destruction items of Aparthotel equipment and technical devices arising out of its fault or the fault of people visiting it.
  4. Any damage or destruction of items of equipment and technical devices arising from the fault of the Guest or the fault of the guests visiting him is obliged to cover immediately on the basis of a valuation provided by the Aparthotel.
  5. The Aparthotel reserves the right to charge the Guest's payment card for damage caused after his departure, and in the absence of card details, he has the right to apply for financial compensation.
  6. Due to fire safety it is forbidden to use heaters and irons and other similar devices not constituting the room equipment.
  7.  The Aparthotel is subject to silence from 22.00 to 7.00 the next day.
  8. The behavior of guests and persons using the services of the Aparthotel should not disturb the peaceful stay of other guests. The Aparthotel may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violates this rule.
  9. In the event of a breach of the regulations, the Aparthotel may refuse to provide further services to the Guest who violates them. The guest is obliged to immediately comply with the Aparthotel's requests, settle the payment for the stay and any damage, and to leave the Aparthotel.
  10. For security reasons, the Guest leaving the room should always close the window, remove the room card from the power switch, turn off the taps and close the door. 
  11. The Aparthotel has a statutory lien on items brought by the Guest to the Aparthotel in the event of delay or failure to pay for services rendered.


Returning items left behind

  1. Personal belongings left by the Guest in the apartment will be sent back to the recipient at the address given by the Guest.
  2. In the absence of such an instruction, the Aparthotel will store these items for 1 month, after which they will become the property of the Aparthotel, who is entitled to get rid of the above. items from the object.



  1. The guest has the right to lodge a complaint in the event of noticing deficiencies in the quality of services provided.
  2. All complaints are accepted by the Reception
  3. The complaint should be submitted immediately after noticing deficiencies in the standard of services rendered


Additional provisions

  1. Aparthotel does not accept animals.
  2. Smoking and e-cigarettes are not allowed in the Aparthotel.
  3. For breaking the above prohibitions, the guest will be charged an additional fee of PLN 1000.
  4. The Aparthotel is strictly forbidden to own and use drugs prohibited by law. If it is found that this ban has been violated, this fact will be reported to the Police and the Guest will have to leave the Aparthotel immediately without the right to reimbursement resulting from shortening the stay in the Aparthotel.
  5. In aparttments you cannot store dangerous items, i.e. weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, illumination etc.
  6. Guest's personal data is processed in order to provide Aparthotel services. The administrator of personal data is Aparthotel Cristina with its registered office in Zakopane at ul. Plac Niepodległości 7 belonging to is BULAS-BAZAR registered company with its registered office in Zakopane, address: ul. Szkolna 2a, 34-500 Zakopane, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000304955, NIP: 736-14-46-821, REGON : 491867425,
  7. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the apartments their equipment except for a slight change of furniture and equipment, without compromising their functionality and safety of guests.
  8. The court competent to settle disputes between the Guest and the Aparthotel is the court competent for the headquarters of Aparthotel Cristina.


Have a nice stay,

Aparthotel Cristina

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